About Us

We are a busy group with active Beaver, Cub and Scout sections. Find out more here

Formerly known as 4th Leith (St Serfs) and then 104th Edinburgh North East, we’ve been in Goldenacre since we formed in 1910. The name may have changed a couple of times, but we’re still the same group with a long history in the community – kept going by our friends and families old and new, and by our Executive Committe and Leaders.

We’re very fortunate to have our own Scout Hall and grounds – it’s a roof over our head and a wilderness to explore; it’s somwhere we can meet, play, and keep things safe; and it’s a part of our wider community. Our current hall was built in 1953, and we’ve worked hard ever since to look after it and keep it fit for Scouts long into the future. Find out more here.