Rover Bulletin No. 10

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NUMBER TEN      26th JUNE, 1942

Here we are at our tenth bulletin already. It seems no time since we were considering the possibilities of the idea. June is a very short month & we are short too – of news, but one item is that George Simpson is now a member of the R.A.F. & is to be a pilot or observer. He is on deferred service for an indefinite period, the longer the better for us. Mr Leask has heard that Victor Stott is a prisoner in Japanese hands but is safe & well. Bill was home we believe about the 12th but he did not visit us. David C. is coming home next week – with fiancee. We have heard that the Skipper has been transferred to Scotland and is in Edinburgh but we have no proof. (What about a call, Skipper roll round some Friday & gie’s a crack). Geo. K’s wain was baptised on the 7th. (What about a letter, George.)

Chortie. Will now be on an O.C.T.U. but at time of writing was in London & is kept busy from 6.15 to 4.30 & the rest of the day is his own, Nearly met his Waterloo as a possible pipper when a prisoner (not a P.O.W.) escaped from him at Waterloo station but after doing several hundreds of yards in evens managed to catch him and had him charged for breaking escort. Net result is that he has had leave for an extra day or two. (You know how to do it as well as anyone.)

Dick. Is still in same place but there is a change nevertheless. There is an addition to his uniform in the shape of a stripe. (Congratulations, Dick.)He is enjoying the weather & swIms occasionally but says that the beaches are not so attractive without the fairer sex. Was in a winning shooting team.

Eck. Received an airgraph from him and he makes reference to a Betty but also says that he will not be joining in the matrimonial stakes (unhandicapped) 

(Ina Braes is Now Mrs Andrew Niven – formerly butcher of Aberdour & now in Army)

Murray Airgraph from him too. Is still in desert but is still as cheery as ever, Enjoys all the harems – oh yeah. (we agree with your opinion of the Italians)

Jim. Has been unexpectedly transferred to the far north but seems to be taking to the change quite well. Can’t say much owing to censorship. He does not appear to be overworked and finds the people & climate O.K. Has been bathing in birthday suit. He is building up a connection with the farms in the neighbourhood but curbs his appetite on first visit not to frighten them from inviting him. back. (We have had no visits from Skipper, Dick Telfer or the Bo’ness chap Peter Baikie.)

Johnnie T. Is now in S. Wales and is at an O.T.U. and is kept very busy we now have your correct address and hope that you now have the Rover photo.

Jimmie. We have been shown four photos of him taken in camp and he appears to be the same old Jimmie and as full of beans as ever.

Peter Williamson. Also an airgraph from him. Is now a seaman gunner and is now on a destroyer.

Jimmy R. Still no news about him and we have had one of our bulletins to him returned to us marked ‘ No service’ on the envelope.

Albert. We have no idea where he is now. Last month’s bulletin has been returned to us after having been touring the country for a month.

Jack Piper has passed the first half of his final exams and has to sit the second half in October. He is feeling ‘on top of the world’ to use his own words. Jack called on the Dickies last week-end and found that Cissie was home from the nursing home and was getting on fine, Mr Dickie is still bothered with his leg but is back at work again for a short time each day.

During the month we have had visits from Nibbie and Gilbert Williamson,

BADEN POWELL FUND. The Scouts have had a meeting and have gut several ideas which they estimate to draw about £25 or over. Each scout has agreed to contribute a sum every week for a year and they have already paid the first.  

CAPTAIN BAND  has his boat down now and asks when some of the lads are going through to make up a crew. He sends you his very best wishes and is as keen as mustard over all the news about you, so keep the pot boiling lads.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group