Rover Bulletin No. 11

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NUMBER ELEVEN      31st. JULY 1942

Hello you pals and ‘fellie workers’. 

Everything round at ‘Loves Abode’ is spic and span. Tho apples are here – and away again – you our wee tree had a dozen or so but you know – will we ever got that apple pie? We’ll get Eck to make it eh! That’s fixed. Robbie is now back from Stranraer for good and we’ve benefited already. He washed every curtain in the place last Friday. Hope he can stay with us for a good long time, He really doesn’t know though. Peter Johnston is on embarkation leave now.

Duggie had the Troop at Aberdour for the Trades Week (Working Camp helping Mr. Braes) Everyone enjoyed it. Mr. Cockburn may be in Edinburgh but we haven’t seen him even yet. We had a letter from guess – George P – very busy at Tor Woodloe with sheep and ground under crop. He’s collecting pegs for the Troop when camping comes again. Thanks George! Captain Band writes  “I have always been grateful for the monthly Bulletin and have as often felt guilty at not acknowledging It. but you understand and know how muchI appreciate it. When you all come to Dunoon again we will man the two boats and sing the old songs over again and alarm the natives” Course we understand Captain. We’ll come for that sail make sure of that. What ho!

John Baird. Still at home here although he very narrowly missed being posted abroad. Thumbs up, John. GILBERT is still here too!

David Clark. Visited us on the 10th. – was here for 14 days with his fiancé we hear. Has been back at school (Maths and stuff) for many months now. Radio stuff specialist. He’s looking fine, We hoped to see his lady love but – not yet boys – Hold your horses, there!

Jim Jims far North but not so far as to freeze the ink on his pen. His energy makes the ink flow long and free. Oh boy, oh boy! The censor keeps him from telling us anything but can he ask questions. We excuse you – We understand Jim. Ask some more riddles if you like. It looks as if you still keep an agenda. He’s now well in with the ‘Come for Tea! folk’ Good! B.P. Fund Idea ‘What about a raffle for a basin of Andy’s ‘Pottie Heed ‘” We are passing on your good wishes to the Dickies and Jas Jones people. Hoi!

Murray. Another Airgraph – what a pal – keeping abreast with us with a monthly. Says “Hello again lads far and wide. It’s a hell of a life and no mistake. However time will be the answer to all this bloodshed. He is tickled with the league of births by ‘the married yins” “Healthy sign. It won’t please the wee painter (Hitler) so many boys. All the best to the ‘Cheeky Chappie’ alias Chortie” Re self ‘Little can say except that the Sands of the Desert are mighty hot” Mus you’re really a stout fellow! Luck.

Ian. Home a few weeks ago for some leave. Paid us a welcome visit. Still worked to death, with office changes fast too. Hope you land lucky Ian!

Jimmy J. At long last the link between Jimmy is complete. P.C. received saying “ I am receiving your letters regularly each month” Great rejoicing. We’re mighty pleased “Give my deepest sympathy to Gertie Campbell and to Ian and his family. My congrats and all happiness to Ina Braes and the same to Lt.& Mrs George Kay on their happy event. Tell Jim I am keeping my chin up and I hope all at home are. Still the Old 4th Spirit eh!”

Jimmy Reilly. Hope P.O.W. list now on way holds some news.

Dick. We’ve managed to send some help for his play producing. Good times!

Hal. Still doing his stuff on his air trips. Jack’s away on holiday at the moment to his home, Safe landings

AlbertJohnnie T. – Tommie T.  No more news. Any stale jokes even, lads?

Chortie. Just arrived home here for 9 days. Full of yarns We will have to reserve for next Bulletin. Isn’t at OCTU yet. Misses Dick. Been taking up with some Troops at last spot. Scandal – there’s a lady Cub master ??? No.

DICK’S MOTHER, Just learned the extremely sad news that she died on the 29th, Inst. Suddenly. Contacting Dick and attending funeral. 

Hold together.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group