Rover Bulletin No. 12

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NUMBER TWELVE     28th August 1942

Number twelve and therefore one year up since the Bulletin started. You’ve certainly let us know you’ve all found it very acceptable. Its starting coincided with Jim joining up and now exactly a year ago we have Jim here tonight and a sort of gathering of the clans (undesigned – Mr Hazel and Mr Cockburn at meeting) During the year many of you have repeatedly talked of “The Victory Show” when closing. No Victory Show has been mentioned by us here so this is grand encouragement and proof that each would like nothing better than to give the biggest of big licks to a bumper show which from the far corners of the earth each one of you has called “The Victory Show! 

We are at present thinking and testing for the possible staging of a show for the B.P. Fund. Jim’s here for ten days and again things are shifting. 

We’ve had a welcome and sudden return of Mr Cockburn now stationed here and representing for Scotland a firm of Business Efficiency System Originators. He likes it fine and if we know the Skipper he will spiflicate all his prospective customers and make Scotland ring. He’s no longer connected to the National A.R.P for Animals.

Our students, Ali and Campbell Mac are not much to the fore. They’re now at Summer Work Camps. Jack Piper has been here quite a lot recently (Now on Final Dental Exams – October) Jims leave has included very welcome visits to all our friends at Aberdour and really lads they spare nothing to make us at home. J.B. is worse than ever making the outburst of laughter break out peel after peel. We bumped into George P. some days ago and he’s keen to lend a hand again  – so what!

Gilbert Has been moved for first time from district -now in Berkshire and enjoying it well. Up in the morning early, eating fruit – plenty work. Good entertainments. Very glad to hear all that Gilbert. 

Peter (Williamson) Sent airgraph. He’s still battling away in convoys and quite happy and enjoying it. Terrible heat and flies but plenty of fruit. Sends good luck to all. Really great stuff Peter!

Murray “Singing joyful Bells” he’s got tho Rover Photo of the “One and only Crew” He demands an explanation of the omission of the faces of those at home. It looks as if we’ll have to do something about it. “I’m jogging along but despite knocks we have received am confident in the final round being ours. Ta-ta-boys – Muz” Very cheery amid- well – he’s the one who will know. He says “Good Old 4th the flag is flying high alright”

Ian. Now in second spot – both cushy changes. Ordinary office hours – off week-ends – plenty golf, tennis and swimming. In private digs – first place landlady had six charming daughters – second place almost as good, but something tells him it wont last. May get Leave soon. Thanks a lot for your very flowing congratulations on the anniversary of the Bulletin, We’ve never missed an issue or been late yet lads, and we’ll keep on to the end.

Jas Jones (Johnston) Received Rover Photo – highly delighted. Says “Billy looks well- oh! Any word of J. Reilly. How has he got on in  (????) Tell all the Rovers I am O.K. and in the pink. Looking forward to Victory Show.

George K. We hear he is now a Lieut. and getting plenty work to do.

Bill. Is also Lieut. Congratulations too. Now relieved from R.A.O.C. and back with own Regiment. Tough getting out but managed it. Now Weapon Training officer. Good spot – good entertainments. In Addition is P.A.D.O.), Messing officer, Salvage officer etc. etc. Likes it – food 1st Class – ATS cooks. Also I/c Gardens, Hee Haw!! Says “Surprising how much I picked up from watching you blokes work on Fridays’. Regards to Chortie – God help him now. Hopes Mus O.K. says “He’ll be good as a Riff in the Desert Song Scene in our next show. Notes Jim still has his appetite. “It would take a damn sight more than Hitler to affect that” Great goingBill. Thanks for letters.

Johnnie T. We hear he is about to go to operational unit.

Chortie.  At last at OCTU. Stiff after training. Will miss lady Cub-master. Still full of beans but they’ve been shaken up a trifle.

All the best!

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group