Rover Bulletin No. 13

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NUMBER THIRTEEN      25th September, 1942

Here we are at the first edition of the second year of issue and we trust that we will not have a third year of issue. 

We are going to make the first remark a complaint about the lack of support from all you people. Unless we receive an occasional letter from you, we find it very difficult to find material to fill up the bulletin, This month we have letters only from John Baird, David C. & Jim, a post card from Jas. Jones and two Airgraphs from Murray. 

Murray is one of the out-of-the-way members but he is by far our best correspondent. (Keep, it up Muz )

Jas Jones sets an excellent example by sending a post card every month. In passing we cannot send this bulletin to him so we send him a prisoner-of-war letter on the first Friday of each month just to give him the latest news which will pass the censor.

The principal item in the air at the moment is finding a method of raising money for the B.P fund & one of the suggestions which is being mooted at present is a Show – not one given by ourselves but by an outside party with the Rovers giving several items in it. With this end in view Sandy & Jack visited a show given by the ‘New Rogues’ at Granton Pier. There were only 5 in the cast but they gave a non-stop show of 1¾ hours. Skipper has been visiting us on several occasions & is here with us tonight. In the earlier evening a discussion took place on whether or not we should have a show.We may give the decision as a stop press item.

The Aberdour Cottage had a full complement last week-end when 17 Scouts & Duggie & Sandy spent the September week-end there. Sunday was very wet but a Church parade was included. They had a game on Monday morning and dinner filled up the rest of the day.

Johnnie Thomson was home on embarkation leave and visited us on two Fridays. He has now finished his training and is going to some unknown destination. He has an accent which puts Eck’s completely in the shade. His mouth is worn out we think and is using his nose instead.!!

By dint of getting in touch with Mrs Thomson we have found that Tommie has been for about four months 150 miles north of Jim so he is now our nearest member to the North Pole.

David Gosman has been promoted to Leading Fireman and has been transferred to the same station as Jack.

John Baird. Still full of beans near here. Fair pleased to have news via the bulletin although only up the Ferry Road, His duties are pretty monotonous but makes leaves all the more acceptable.

David Clark. Says he has no more swottin at the moment- is taking sets to bits and makes alarm clocks etc with the bits left over, David has no attachment now. Hoping for leave in about a month, Hopes Jim likes north. Sends greetings to Jas Jones & Murray and all other defenders of Empire.

Jim. Very interested to hear about the pros and cons of the show. Sends Johnnie Thomson all the best and happy landings. Asks questions about the show for which we have no answers yet (Please see stop press)

Murray. Is now sending illustrated airgraphs. A plane in a power-dive (Have you blossomed out as an artist, Murray?) Hoping to get spot of leave soon. Includes Tobruk & Derna in his travels (Hope you’re there again, soon)

Jas. Jones. Asks if we have had any more news of of Jimmy Reilly (There is none.) He is very well and getting very brown. Has had a concert and used ‘Brown Eyes ‘ & ‘Banana Gag’ in it. Wishes best of luck, to all at home and those in the forces, We have to say that he is keeping his chin up and says he hopes to be home soon. So do we!!

Gilbert. Home on leave and here tonight. Fat and porky through eating fruit in land of plenty down South. Enjoying it fine

Eck. Flash! Flash! Flash! He is engaged to a Betty Taylor who is an English girl living in South Africa and will possibly be married in late October. Our heartiest congratulations to you Eck.

You may be surprised at this extra bit but it is due to the kindness of a Mr Easton who gave us 15 stencils (foolscap size) and with a bit of a wangle we can print on two sides of the sheet and so give you a better bargain.

STOP PRESS. On a vote being taken it was decided not to hold a show at this time. As there are many reasons for this decision we will give them in greater detail in our next edition. It is now midnight so we had better get this printed.

Good night and all the best.                                                                   

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group