Rover Bulletin No. 8

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NUMBER EIGHT     24th April 1942

Here. we are, now fully into Spring with the garden looking fair dandy and the burdies singing their heads off. There can be no doubt that we are reaping the benefit of the foresight of our elders. God bless’em. George Kay looked in in the beginning of the month & was spending a welcome leave with the family. Geo’s baby is George Ronald. 

Johnnie Thomson came home as expected – great to see him, he’s all yankee or some sort of cross breed. Now a sergeant pilot and we give him our hearty congratulations. Some crew we are developing into – what! 

Ina Braes came off grand and she has now settled dawn among a host of jolly good presents. We gave her crystal, salad bowl & 2 vases. She is anxious to have you know that her thanks go to all you lads scattered far & wide. Because of this she cherishes it very much.

 Gilbert Williamson looked in – his brother Peter is no longer in the fleet air arm but is now a gunner in a destroyer & has seen action in Far East & now in Mediterranean. 

Talk about activity, the Scouts have certainly got off their mark with the Hut garden -every square foot is under thorough cultivation. 

Coltart is taking such a time, about the Rover photo – 5 weeks – that we are going to shoot him up about it. 

Last but not least we wish to thank all those who have responded to our appeal for more correspondence. This month has been a bumper one including an Eck diary which arrived only today and which will be answered fully next edition.

David Clark. Was home for 48 hrs last week and is still on radio-location course & wading through stiff exams. Has managed to survive them so far.

Jimmy Reilly. Still no further news of him. Photo appeared in ‘News’- missing.

Murray. Airgraph received . Received bulletins 1, 2 & 3, delivered by postie in the heart of the desert. Has just been finishing off a bungalow (our mistake it was a dugout) for himself & his mate & gets a nightly visit from the rats. They can do everything but speak – these tropical sun-baked rats. Keep you pen going Muz Chortie & Dick are heading you. We hope to be ordering your pudden supper soon.

Bill. Still training ‘sojers’ & finding it a bit monotonous – however has been doing a good bit of manoeuvres with other units & after taking his platoon through barbed wire into an aerodrome during a mock attack was put under close arrest & locked in guard room. Who would be an officer? The C.O. of the unit does not allow officers to attend the dances etc of the men. They have plenty time off, dances, ENSA shows, & bless their hearts, on Sunday afternoons the dansant

Ian. Is still up to the eyes in work. When he does manage off he indulges in the noble game of table tennis -a budding Bergmann in the troops. Take a hint all youse married guys – pass on the bulletin to the ‘better half’. We’ll soon need to start a housewife’s & Uncle Mat’s column. Wait for it – He’s going to knock a bunch of A.T.S. into shape for (no you’re wrong) work now done by mere males. Any hints on ‘tactful handling of the fairer sex’ gratefully accepted.

Chortie & Dick. (they’re from Siam) Great news. Chortie may be dropping into the Cottage some of these nights. He’s been recommended for a commission & is coming home to an OCTU.The lads on the rock are now in khaki drill & have again to wash their knees. Sorry you have not been receiving the news sheet right up to date. We’ll have to tick the P.M.G. about this serious matter.

KRIEGSGEFANGEN ENLAGER.  Datum 18th January,1942.

Dear Jim, Murray & Rovers, What! What! lads here is James Jones P.O.W. calling. So you are in the R.A.F. Jim. How do you like it? Have you been in any concerts yet? I am English Camp Leader here & we have a concert every other Sat. & held a panto. at Xmas. Good old Fourth. I am collecting some griff(?) here for the Victory show. Marion told me she had a visit from you. What do you think of my big son? Gosh, I felt so proud when I heard the great news, another recruit for the tug of war team eh! Write & give me the low-down on the lads at home & abroad, Jim. Regards to Mr L. & your Mum & Dad. Where is Ekie now & Murray? Chins up & good luck Jim.

Yours aye, Jan. Jones.

FORT-HOLDER NEWS. Sandy is reserved till October, at least, Duggie & Jack fate in the balance awaiting decision, Geo. S in police therefore dead cert, Jackie Piper, Ali & Campbell Mac still studying hard at Varsity etc. Robbie is in much the same position as Duggie & Jack. In between wiring ships and bathing babies Andy is sorting the lights in the Cottage.


PS Jim away south. Full details next issue.

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