Rover Bulletin No. 1

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 NUMBER ONE.     26th September, 1941.


A NEW SCHEME ( touch wood) by which all members of the good old 4th can once a month (like The March of Time) have a jaw with one another. On the last Friday of every month we hope to compile a letter with all the news and blarney, and circulate a copy to each Rover away from home. So roll up your sleeves and give us your news and wisecracks. The address is still 34, South Trinity Road so there is no excuse to be found in that direction.

We hope there will be untold depths in the scheme and we hope to let Jim know the price of oranges from Dick or Bill the latest on natty ties from Hal in U.S.A.

We have about twenty pegs (on the wall above the desk) on which your letters go. When required we shall write a précis of each letter and use the results for our bulletin, so if you write short newsy letters it will help us very much. Chorty’s typewriter has been cleaned and pressed into service in the good cause. It’s playing a blinder!!

J.B.F. Good heavens. Jim’s called up – now in the R.A.F.for nearly 6 weeks at Arbroath. Still interested in eating, even cheese pie. Early to bed 10.45 & felling very fit. Beside a mixed crowd with usual mix up about shaving & uniform parades, among Edinburgh types and Glasgow bauchles. Food good and now in good billets. Enjoyed last week-end with Capt. Band, Sandy, Jack & Tommy T. May go in for armourer and lucky to be posted to Arbroath. Now under general training for 6 weeks. Short route march (1 mile) flanneled some of them. Bring your gym shoes!!!

Johnnie T. Now civilian & training under U.S. Army Air Corps. Uneventful trip, disembarking at Halifax and on to Toronto via Montreal (2 days train journey) Now resident  in Arcadia, Florida and has completed 20 hours flying. Living high – flunkeys, no rationing, H & C, tennis, baseball etc. Week-ends R.A.F. take holiday resorts by storm – invitations galore from local residents. Expects to be in U.S.A. for thirty weeks.

Jimmy Reilly. No letter but have heard that he is in Malaya.

Dick.  Anxious about Rover letters going to home folks. Hopes well censored first. Windy on the rock hold your shirt boys. Pippins of dames swinging their hips. Tom’s offspring noted should have been boy, do better next time, crew must be kept up. We’ve Jim, Eck & Johnny T. in R.A.F. Bill, Geo.K, Murray, Ian, Albert, David G. John B, Gilbert, James J, (prisoner) Chorty, Dick & Jimmy R., in Army, Hal (Imperial Airways)T. Hislop (Merchant Navy) and Nibby (Northern Lights) are the others away. Jim – Fruit train crooks nothing to blokes here. Chap plays tin whistle like Eck’s singing.

Chortie T. & D. at Rover meeting but not too much enthusiasm but right spirit. They also play bridge‚ sunbathe & swim. Jim- grapes 6d tomatoes 1d each, oranges 10½  barrow. Studying nature flamingoes, locusts, señoritas.

Home News. John B’s photo received!!!!!!!!! Gilbert & John B. visited us 13th – ever smiling. Ian called 18th (7days leave) Away to Peebles where family now stay. We gave all addresses to Church so look out. Mr Cockburn possibly producing mammoth show in London at Christmas wrote for stuff, says who? These b— leaves are falling again and the reapers are few. Fortunately Mr Frier does more than supervise. Jim – new Cottage list up

Andy not appeared so appears twice. Capt. Band sends best wishes going on holiday in fortnight.

All material for next issue to be received by 31st October, 1941.

©104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group