Rover Bulletin No. 2

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NUMBER TWO       31st October 1941

Here we are again – second issue. Thanks very much for many acknowledgments received. Albert & George what about it did you not get your copies? We are very glad that you like the idea and we hope that you will continue to reply. Tom Bogie now has Jim Suttie, as a neighbour who is on a job near Dumfries. Call at Tom’s 6 Kerwyn Terrace, Dumfries any time you are there.

Another away – Tommy Thomson is now in the RAF, and is now at Blackpool, Marked ‘retired’ on Cottage cleaning list and did not appear the following week. Who’e next? We’ll be seeing you.

APPEAL FOR volunteers for clearing leaves on Saturday afternoon was answered by two souls. The leaves were cleared nevertheless. Several lapses in Cottage cleaning has stretched the list till goodness knows when. Robbie has, for personal and business reasons, given up the Scoutmastership of the Troop and Duggie has stepped into the breech. Robbie is continuing to give his help.

Sufficient funds have been raised to clear the expenses of this bulletin for a year (£3) The Scouts have raised enough funds to pay for the Hut upkeep for one year from dances. We can’t send addresses to those abroad but send any letters you wish to go to any other member to the cottage and we will forward. Mr Leask met George K. in Edinburgh who is full of beans and no special news. Bill is now on 7days leave and called in tonight and is looking the picture of health.

J.B.F. Now in Preston. Has completed preliminary training. Had rifle practise & a hit target 3 times – 1 bull. Some of twerps couldn’t hit target at all! One said he had cold. For prompt replies carries paper in gas-mask container. No remarks please. Has completed first sentry duty in correct RAF manner, Glasgow guy didn’t notice wing commander, & when asked if he didn’t think the W.C. worth saluting he replied “Christ, I’m sorry I’m b======= if I noticed him”, Now started on Armourers course and is making a spanner!! Is glad to hear that most of subs are in.

Tommy T. In Blackpool after touring countryside – training as wireless operator air gunner. No photo yet . Had hair cut, boo-hoo. Billets and feed A.1. Night classes 4 nights a week. Had an afternoon in Blackpool with Jim and toyed with a chip together.

David C.  Very bored at Longmoor & longs for city life of Aberdour. Still in pay office. Home on leave middle November. Has bought bike tor 7/- dynamo 5/-

Chortie. Heard that Jim was in RAF through Demarcos– should be Moloco Going to Fair with three thousand Spanish women. Got the goods in Gib. Attended Spanish Variety but all in Spanish. Show nothing like Rover’s. Sends photo of Rock Apes – (Chortie very plump).

Ian. Has joined ping pong (beg pardon) Table Tennis club. Went to rehearsal for newly formed Concert Party but was a washout. Has received letter from Tim written in chip shop (Perfumeof ‘Flag’ rich and fruity) Hoping to join Jim and Tommy in Blackpool for a few hours sometime.

Hal. Now living in Winchester. Plenty garden and lawn but is again off to the Tropics

Bill. Says Jim will make a mark for himself in RAF. Intensive training continues – next to no time off- cracking around with live ammo scaring the country folk and themselves. Compensations – plenty bathing, four picture houses, dances etc., Is entertainments officer and runs fortnightly dances. Has organised concert party which is now giving its first performance. 

Goodnight children – everywhere,. Cheerio.

N.B. Please put day month & year. Time of day not important to us.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group