Rover Bulletin No. 4


NUMBER FOUR     26th December 1941

Here we are again at the end of the year with all your Greetings Cards- and are they welcome well they’re more than that. Nothing very startling has happened during the month except that stricter calling up may get more of us. 

Our main news is the completion of the burglary story. They’ve got two blokes – what do you think of that –  not long – about three weeks. A couple of deserters – one had been with a friend who was shown round the Cottage some time ago and ours is a minor affair to the string of offences they’re up for. We identified some of the goods stolen – dishes are all broken but we’ve almost gathered sufficient again. They’ve been up for trial and here’s the Dispatch cutting 

“Robert Robertson and William Brown both of whom had deserted from the Army, pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today to six charges of housebreaking and theft. Brown who admitted two previous convictions was sent to prison for ten months and Robertson who admitted four previous convictions was sent to prison for twelve months. It was stated that amongst the houses broken into a manse was included where a battledress was left, and this aided the police in tracing the crime to the accused. On accused’s behalf it was stated that both had served in France, Brown being hurt there in a motor accident. Brown had deserted but could not obtain work as he had no identity card, his depredations were due to his having no money.”

J.B.F. Now here on a very welcome holiday. Has completed course and is to be posted to a station near by in the New Year. Is glad to hear Chortie has another stripe -hopes he gets third soon. Pleased Eddie is in touch

too. Jim is here tonight assisting with the editing of this bulletin.

Murray. Is our best correspondent to home. We’ve many Airgraphs from him and now some with greetings and sketches. We are along side you Mus. See our Bulletin design. “Gie all the bhoys and all our friens my very best wishes for a Happier New Year in 1942”  M.E.F.

Jas. Jones J. Just heard he has received his first letters from home – seven in a bunch. First one Was sent immediately (in May) hard cheese- has not received parcel. In letters arriving here to his people he always asked for all of us. We send him an Airgraph once a month.

Bill. Now helping R.A.O.C. (on loan to them) and putting them through the ir in his specialised stuff. By gad pity help them. About burglary:- “I hope the twirps who perpetrated this dastardly deed suffer ungodly pains from the Kola and biscuits they consumed and eventually die and roast in Hell” Now what do you think of that? “I’d like to see J.B.F. get his hands on them.” After blistering hard work now manages to get a salute from a private.

Jimmy R. Great stuff – got letter now. Very witty about voyage – had great times at ports of call and has found out inaccuracies of “travel” beliefs. In super place now with all conveniences of modern holiday resort sampling wonders of the East – so far – disgusted. We’re very pleased to hear from you.

Hal. We haven’t found out where Jimmy J. is yet. Wish we could. You’re are shifting over the Earth’s crust pretty swiftly- making record trips eh? What a lad! Very glad Betty and you are quit e settled now. There are no more daddies in the Crew yet.

Johnny T. Progressing fast and hopes he may be back fully trained not very far into the New Year. Ali gives us your news – glad you get ours. Congrats. for your 21st birthday

Eck. Heard he is perhaps going North to M.E.F.

Campbell Mac has been sworn in tonight. 

Dick & Chortie Hope you get this Bulletin. Jim has started his supper so we had better get cracking. too.