Rover Bulletin No. 5

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 NUMBER FIVE     30th January 1942

Hello lads – once again.

Taking up a suggestion from Jim to make the Bulletin more personal we now hope to include one or two personal remarks with each copy end so if you find several scraps of paper enclosed you will understand. It isn’t possible to add complete letters each time so we propose to keep notes for you on your clip in the cottage and enclose them with the Bulletin. In such fashion will the work be spread over the nights at our disposal.

Robbie is now away from home on an outside contract for his firm in Wigtownshire – was almost nipped up for the Army, Has very comfortable digs -prefers darts and rummy now to knitting.

Tom Bogie has written- his wife has been ill and he’s still up to the eyes in work. (Best wishes for Lorenza – Tom – and you don’t overdo it).

Mr. Cockburn writes “Full o’ Beans” from London end sends his sincere and heartfelt wishes for all the lads for the New Year. Has new ideas for shows so keep up your strength for the Victory Show.

We’ve a great letter from Captain Band and he’ll hike, bike or crawl his way to Edinburgh for that Victory Show, He greatly appreciates our sending the Bulletin end we’re honoured by his enthusiasm (Good sailing Captain)

Murray. What a lad – great for getting his ‘photo taken his – folks have several now – with distinguished colonial looks. No recent letter from him.

Jimmy J Mr. Leask received a very welcome card. Jimmy runs concert, games etc, and even a short service on Sundays, Is dying for letters, his address is

“Cpl Johnston J.C.,/1732/ Prisoner of War Camp, A 10913 G.W. /Stalag XVIII A/ Germany” 

What about it lads? You wont let him down now will you.

Jimmy Reilly.  Received very welcome cable wishing all you blokes “Best Wishes and Keep Smiling”. We do appreciate it (God Bless you Jimmy in Malaya – we’re thinking and hoping the best for you.)

Hal. Great News!!! The Prime Minister flew Atlantic in Hal’s plane – What think you of that! He had a discussion on War with Winston and Beaverbrook.

Jim. Now getting home about three times a week – here at meeting a fortnight ago, goes to Chrissie Weir’s (Mrs Wright’s) often. Discipline at Camp now almost gone – loungers plentiful. Expects to be here with us next week.

Eck.  No immediate news (What about sending us a wee letter. be good now.)

Dick & Chorty The “Wee Chappie” is a Bombardier – we apologise for grave error- of course it was tho Office Boy’s fault. He and Dick are now members of the 4th Gib. Rover Crew and meet in the “Haven” – sounds like a Pub to us. – Usual Rover programme talking – Tea – and talking. Crew has been granted £20 from the Army to help furnish their Club Room – nice work – carry on the 4th. Christmas and New Year spent in good old army style- plenty spuds, pork, turkey, gyppo, pud, rum, stewed apples and beer, Managed to put on a show Spaven, villain- Turnbull, heroine -moustaches sacrificed fo arts sake. Thanks for copy of “The Rock”. By the way Dick doesn’t get “Bloody peeved” now, takes “Umbrage” instead

Tommy T. He’s now given up Wireless -much to his relief- and taken up training for Pilot’s duties. Is in N,W. England at present but hopes to go overseas like Johnnie T. Was involved in a plane crash and was in hospital for a few days. He’s all right though and is looking forward to everything that is coming.

Johnnie Baird. Acknowledges last Bulletin desires to meet  effeminate addressor of the envelopes  – S’nice boy. (We give nothing away with the present env)

Now youse blokes what hasn’t written – does youse realise that this Bulletin depends for its material on the news you send us. Your pals are gasping to hear about you so pipe up good and strong. Particularly Albert, George K. and Tommy T. we’d like to have a line from you. Dick, can you tell us about this growth that has appeared on Turnbull’s upper lip. Was it jealousy or competition.

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