Rover Bulletin No. 6

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NUMBER SIX      27th February 1942.

Hello all you lads. How are you? It’s as cold as charity bleak and glum – and by hokey it’s cold. So far we have received very few letters but we’ve had several cheery visits especially last Friday – when we had no less than four unexpected callers – Jim Suttie, Tommy T., J.B.F, and Robbie from Wigtownshire. Robbie kissed us all round. Roll in lads you’ll enjoy a visit to the old cottage not so badly we bet.

We regret that our records (Minutes etc) show a blank since 1937. We intend to fill the gap by finding dates of any interesting happenings since that year so if anyone can help by giving particulars (even to the nearest month) we shall be obliged. Also will you individually give dates of joining up, promotion, change of location etc. Thank you.

John Baird and Gilbert Williamson John is stil in the district and cals in now and again but we haven’t seen much of Gilbert recently,

Jim  Here again tonight – great stuff. We’re now wondering whether it is better to be in the R.A.F. or be at home. Had several more visits to Mrs Wright’s and Jack and Sandy accompanied him on one occasion. Great. He’s liking his present job fine with a crack Squadron – not so much to do meantime – great food and as you see he can wangle the leaves.

Murray. We now hear that he has received the first Bulletin. Murray we were hoping against hope you would get them. We’re very pleased. There are plenty more on the way, old timer. Murray’s OK and says talk about the Mystic East is all baloney. Jimmy Reilly says the same, so perhaps the Cottage and oor ain doorstep is not so bad. What. He remarks on the great changes in the Crew and thinks that Jack or Duggie will be next to take the plunge, He refers to” the state of holy matrimony”

David C. We had a welcome visit on the 6th. He has had a wee change – now on Radio Repairs or something. what is it David. Still in South

Ian Was here same night as David -great to see him – is now – guess – a sergeant – yes it’s true. Good luck Ian, keep it going. Is still liking his job in same place. He’s away home for 14 days to enjoy himself with the family. Wise fellow Every good wish Ian.

Jimmy J. No more news. We’re in contact with his wife and were getting something new – guess – a photo of Jimmy’s wee boy Eric. Just like Jimmy.

Bill. Bill’s here tonight. We do appreciate his visits. Is still putting the RAOC through their paces and could do with a change.

Jimmy Reilly. Received letter 9th Nov. saying tell Jimmy J to “Think of me lying back on the fat of the land in this far away smelly spot of the Orient” Still, the best of luck Jimmy, we’ll keep giving you the news. Glad you’re getting ours. Says “I hope all the lads will be present for hat grand opening number in our Victory Show. Don’t forget to look out the material – you must have it ready because we open in six weeks from the ringing of the bells”. Mr. Cockburn writes in a similar vein.

Hal. Away back again post haste. We’re waiting for the day he can personally tell us about his trip with Winston.

Albert. Now discovered he is in the RAOC –  it’s true, He’s training for something? Let’s hear Albert. You’re an awfy lad. Come on now.

Johnnie Thomson. No more news meantime. Some day soon he’ll be popping in From U.S.A. a fully fledged Pilot we trust. We’re ready for you Johnnie

Eck. After a long long time a postcard was waiting for us tonight, from Kimberley. He’s enjoying another holiday there it seems and we hope he has time to pick us a diamond. Temperature 100 swimming, rowing, flirting and drinking Ginger Pop -mostly Pop. Trust Eck. Looking forward to letter

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