Rover Bulletin No. 7

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NUMBER SEVEN       27th March 1942

Spring has come – or is on its way and things a round the Cottage will soon be on their way. More work & still more work!! Our trusty friend Mr Frier is all enthusiasm again and we are all very much indebted to him. Jim & Sandy paid a visit to Jimmie’s wife Marian & had a ripping evening & saw Johnstone junior – Eric. A fine wee porker. We didn’t get the photo of him as promised but we’re hoping.

Two weeks ago We had a distinguished guest in Dick Telfer, the New Vic. orchestral organist. came round with Marie of Garrison Theatre fame and he’s a really fine fellow.

Last week Bill’s wife called at the Cottage &  gave us a new photo of Bill. The Rovers’ collection of photos is now complete, at long last we have received one from Tommie Thomson. Coltart, the photographer has them in hand & we expect copies in a week or so.

Another visitation was made (this time to Aberdour) by Jim, Jack & Sandy when very enjoyable calls were made on Mr Leask, Braes & Dickies. Jim had not seen them for a considerable time. Ina Braes is getting married on 8th April and we have a wedding present list – we’re going to get some sort of present during this week and get the remaining donations later, We’ve over £2 already. We’ll be glad to receive anything you care to send.

Robbie paid us an unexpected visit a week ago and is now getting on with the job. (Cheers) He’s due back in four weeks time,

A great shook was sustained when we learned of the very sudden death of Gil Furnival yesterday, Our deepest sympathy goes to Ian & Gill’s wife. Three of us will attend at the Crematorium tomorrow. Gil was perfectly well and carrying on as usual but yesterday morning took a stroke.

George Kay. George is now the father of a bouncing baby boy – 19th of March is the date and we’ve sent congratulations on your behalf. Second division of the Rovers is growing strong now. This is the league as it stands :-

                        Girls.   Boys    Total.

Jim Suttie        2          1          3

Eddie               1          –           1

Andy                –           1          1

Tom                 1          –           1

Jimmy              –           1          1

Geo.K.             –           1          1

Ian                   –           1          1

Hal                   –           –           Nil

Albert               –           –           Nil

Bill                   –           –           Nil


TOTALS          4          5          9

George, we remember your anniversary – 25th March and send you aw the best.

Bill.Good wishes for you anniversary too- also 25th March and many thanks for your new photo.

Hal Has now been home for three or four weeks and promised to send a letter about his trips but it hasn’t arrived yet. What about it Hal?

David C. Now training on radio mechanics course & swotting maths, physics etc. Is now stationed

in civvie billets – sleeping in real beds with real sheets and is wakened by a nice maid instead of the S.M. Hopes to be home for a week-end in a fortnight’ a time.

Tommie T. Still in north England. Undergoing intensive training in navvying, Tractor-driving etc. Had not yet started his real training as a pilot. Managed to get a lift in a plane one day and landed at Robbie’s drome but didn’t see him though.

Chortie. The lad ‘imself reached the final of the MiddleEast (or was it battery) Chess Championship – up to his conjuring tricks again. Doing quite well in entertainment line – just seen show by Dave Williams gang

  • not quite up to 4th standard. Plenty movie shows by garrison’s travelling talk ie & believe or not – orange& bananas.

Dick. Represented battalion, sorry regiment, in spelling B which was broadcast and he reached final.

Jimmy Reilly. On 24th Feb, his people received cable dated 26th Jan. saying ‘Safe & well. Writing’. They have now received word that he is reported missing. Father ls not so worried as he, himself was reported missing in last war. We hear that several fellows have escaped to India and are free, so here’s hoping.

NO LETTERS FROM. Tom, Mr Cockburn, Ian, Geo.K, Bill, Nibbie, Hal, Albert John T, Gilbert, Eck

Particularly George Kay, Albert Swan & Alec. Wilson

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group