Rover Bulletin No. 14

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NUMBER FOURTEEN      30th October, 1942

Hello lads once again, We think we have something interesting for you this month (result of last month’s telling off.) First, Jimmy Reilly is now officially reported as a Prisoner of War taken in Singapore – so we’re very much relieved, We hope that the Japanese behave themselves.

Early in the month we had a great Friday when Ian Furnival, David Clark & lo and behold Tommy Hyslop.

Tommy hadn’t been here and we hadn’t heard from him for over a year and nine months and he certainly kept the company intent with his news. He’s been at sea all that time – mostly far East and had some experiences and was at the evacuation of Greece. He’s now taking his second mates ticket and last Friday was officially sworn in as a member of the 4th Leith Rovers. There was quite good turn out in uniform and afterwards a photo was taken so you can look forward to receiving a copy. Possibly with the next bulletin which should be in time for Christmas. 

Duggie says the scouts have about £10 for the B.P. fund. Not bad !!! (£4 10/-  from Scout dance.) Thanks to Jim and David for paying your subs, although we do not expect it from those in the Forces but every little helps. Last month we shamefully omitted to acknowledge having received one dozen cups and saucers from  R.J.D. and now hasten to thank him from the bottom of our hearts. Leith Scouters & Cubbers have each had a Sunday meeting at the cottage discussing postwar scouting.

John Baird. Still in our area and enjoying life not too badly. Visited us and discussed “How one gets on in the Forces relative to one’s scout training” The Cubs are over twenty strong and are doing quite well.

David Clark No letter but we hear he is now in the R.E.M.E.’s.

Jim, Is now shifted down to Norfolk – thirty-three hours journey and has to start new friends for teas etc.

(You’ll do it Jim.) Delighted to hear about Jimmy Reilly, “Long may 4th Good Luck continue” Is exploring Broads de with view to future holidays, Sends Tommy Hislop left hand of fellowship.

Murray. Have received Airgraph recently. Got up to No 9 and enjoys them greatly. Still wearying for pudding supper and Kola. (Hope you enjoyed your leave)

Ian. Away to a new station and is a private again. Hope he stays in one place for a bit. Then we’ll hear he is first a Major then Colonel. In artistic country mansion and is only scotsman – ATS falling right and left.

Jas. Jones. Is still O.K. No further word but expect nows soon. Hope he is not in for any reprisals.

George Kay Was evidently home recently – was seen but not at tho cottage. (Why the cold shoulder Geo.?) Has your interest in Rovers weakened still further? Firsthand news is better than local gossip.

Bill Mac. No more news. Some new training scheme possibly & no spare time.

Dick. Has shown our bulletin to Services Crew and they were so taken with tho idea they started one on the rock. Misses Chortie and looks forward to swinging his kilt through Aberdour. Received letter from Isobel Braes and thanks Rovers for kindness shown at time of his Mother’s death. Regards to all,

Hal. Still flying oceans and has been home but forgot to write!!

Albert. No trace whatever, Rumours of his being in hospital but nothing definite. What the blankety blank are you playing at Albert?

Johnny T No news but was on embarkation leave a few weeks ago, Must be away.

Tommy T. Now home from furthest North and is here tonight and looks as Ronald Colmanish as ever. Has promised to mend his ways in the writing line.

Chortie. Snowed up with lectures. Perhaps seven days leave soon if he passes. Trying to unditch “Pexy the Peashooter” Two men – nae bother. Good luck lad

Gilbert W Back after glorious leave. Shock – is now a corporal. Bravo !

David G,  Recalled to Army last week and now in Army Fire Service up North. Expects training at Catterick, Life very easy and is well fed at the moment. Did some shooting and beat his sergeant. Keep it up Dave.

Peter Williamson. Received Airgraph acknowledging May Bulletin and ‘photo and is very pleased with it, but would prefer seeing them all at Cottage.

Eck. Was married early in October and not late as mentioned in last Bulletin (3rd to be exact) Her name is Betty Tayfield of Durban and evidently South African. We have received the whole history of his meeting and engagement in the form of a fairy story compiled by someone other than Eck, as it does not smack of Eck’s previous effusions. This historic record has been placed in the archives of the Cottage and will be exhibited on high days and holidays and will be included in the history of the Crew. Joking apart Eck we wish you all the best for your future happiness. There are still Rovers who uphold your former statement of “The more I see of women the more I like the Rovers”

Lads, keep on sending the good old news. You’ve no idea the encouragement it gives to all. “The Fourth Leith shall never fail, never fail, never fail, rah – rah – rah”

CHEERIO the now!!!

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group