Rover Bulletin No 19

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Dear Lads,

Once more Spring brings new life to Love’s Abode, the garden at least It looks as fresh as a daisy and our head gardener has given us some true Frier encouragement. A small note left in the Cottage said ‘Congratulations for fine job done in the front. Be not weary in well doing what about the back now’ Great stuff that.

To let you off lightly this month we’ll leave out the heavy stuff and get on with the news.

We hope our new heading brings back happy memories that is if you can make it out. We may make the heading permanent – what say you? All the efforts and arrangements for the B.P. Fund, have, you’ll be pleased to hear, resulted in a Group contribution of £50. The Scouts have licked everyone else. They made £30 all in hundreds of small ways too numerous to mention. The Cubs gave £5 from their funds and we gave the same believing you would concur with this decision. Mr Duncan specially requested that his donation, a magnificent one of £10, should go with the others to make the round £50 to go in as from The Fourth Leith Group and Group Committee. 

Talking of funds at our presents rates of income and expenditure we, the Rovers should last out for another ten years anyway, so we are looking after your hard earned money fairly well. Last month we omitted to thank Geo. P. for a very fine gift of a large bag of tent pegs made by himself for use when better times come. Thanks very much George. The Scout Exhibition in Shandwick Place also for B.P. Fund starts on Monday and at present we are in the throes of a share in the preparations. We’ll give you a write up next month.

The Easter holidays at the University finds Campbell now finished with one professional exam and Alasdair getting some midwifery experience at the Simpson Memorial. The Crew field of activity keeps on widening!

Tommy Thomson will be still more astounded to learn that George Simpson is again promoted to Flight Sergeant this time in the R.A.F. deferred service things move fast.

Gilbert called on the 12th and his dance money-making project seems to be going from strength to strength. 

Hal was here last Friday. He’s been allowed three weeks leave (at an awkward time for British Overseas Airways) because Betty is not too well and her doctor ordered a change. We wish them Godspeed and much better luck from now on. Hal is still & keen photographer and has some super coloured snaps done by the last word in colour photography. He’s years ahead of us -American patent.

David Gosman asks “What about letting us hear about the lads at home” as a suggestion for something new. We are still Duggie, Robbie, Jack and Sandy, George Simpson and the two Macs. Any news about us is given in each Bulletin. Recently Robbie was posted to the N.F.S. so now we have a quartet, Duggie, Robbie, Jack & Sandy as firefighters. There is no sign of any being called up meantime, but you never know. 

John Baird is in a mobile crew working under Spartan conditions but he seems to enjoy it. John Likes our heading and he thinks we should keep it permanently. We will. He sends congrats to Chortie and best of luck to Dick and tells them to expect the V sign when they meet in the street

Tommy T. has just passed a stiff mid-course exam and is now flying. He says it is a great pleasure to receive the Bulletin. He likes the editorials but thinks they are too idealistic, “The forces tend to make us extremists. Our aim will be basically similar. Personally I shall be quite pleased if I survive this War” is what Tommy says. 

George S’s being a Sergeant does not moan he will get any stripes in the R.A.F. He’ll start from scratch but it will help a lot.

Eck’s wife Betty thanks you all on the occasion of their marriage. They’re very happy “Married life is grand, boys, so you of the Green-button Club try it it’s good”

Chortie – “I’ve had the first few days as an Horsifer and as far as I can make out I’m going to enjoy the life”. He’s sent a copy of another Scout Group magazine for ideas – thanks. He’s getting on to the production side of shows & writes for ‘stuff’. “If Turnbull can’t work this into a racket, no one will” Regards to all, particularly Murray, Jim Reilly, Jas.Jones, and others far away”

To David Gosman – Our Bulletin is still monthly and Jack is still here with us. He sends tips to Duggie on boot-repairing in the army, and is now a one-man fire brigade and has had a fire. “Mr Leaks and David Clark’s introductions to their relatives make mo deeply indebted for most interesting and entertaining evenings. He’s building a canoe.

Jim is away on a course and says “This course lasts eight weeks then I come home for 7 days and buy my rimless glasses” He met Knight Craighead, now a Captain

Murray has met Bill Blyth, an old 4th Scout. A Rover crew has started where Murray is – brown and white colours too – really great. More, later. 

“The more I see of England the more I am out for home rule for Scotland” Says Jim. 

Ian is coming up on 9th April – has been in hospital for removal of a main vein and is now left with a nice piece of embroidery (18 stitches) and is getting on fine now.

Jack Piper spent a glorious weekend leave at Torquay.

Bill Mac called here tonight and shows his interest in the meetings here. He tells us that his brother Archie is being called up on 1st April for the Army. Bill’s a Training Officer just now but is looking for a transfer to a field force for a change. 

Sorry We do not have room for a sketch this month but it will appear in our next edition. We have had a few more letters this month and they have been very welcome. Wo hope that you will keep it up.

In our last line we wish you the usual ‘aw the best’  Good luck.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group