Rover Bulletin No. 20

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NUMBER TWENTY       30th April, 1943 

Dear Lads,

Spring seems to have bitten you lads as we have received many more letters this month and it is very encouraging to us. So here goes for this month.

The Scout Exhibition we talked of last month is a part of history now. It was very successful in all ways the – weeks attendance was 6407 and the drawings are expected to be in the £300 neighbourhood and expenses about £75 leaving approximately £225 for the B.P. Fund. In addition the Air Scouts have had over 30 recruits and the Information Bureau was kept very busy with enquiries all week. We enclose a copy of the official booklet (overseas members excepted owing to regulations) which will give you a good idea of the scope of the Exhibition. Scouting was certainly put before the Edinburgh pubic.

Robbie has been raffling a bit of his own work to raise money for this Bulletin and has raised 

£3 15/- which together with some other donations which we have received will keep things going for another year or so. The draw was made tonight and the winner was – guess who – although the people with tickets came from far and wide – Mrs Frier.

The replies about our new heading are very encouraging so we’ll keep it as permanent. Perhaps it will lead to further ideas. There is one change in the drawings already. The second tree at Aberdour is now gone. Some of the recent gales made short work of it. Jack and Duggie were at Aberdour for the Spring holiday and report everything in order. It has not been used for the whole winter So the roof must be O.K. It is a good old place.

We had a visit early this month from Ian and he’s keeping well again. He was showing us his scars (battle?) Just missed a staff sergeant’s job. Better luck from now on, Ian. Ali Mac has received a letter from Johnnie T. who is still in the M.E.F., is fit and well and asks for you all. We’ll get a lot of news from him someday. We hear it rumoured that Tommy T. is now a Pilot-Officer. Write a wee note Tommy and let us know first hand. the full details. 

George Simpson has received his calling-up papers so the R.A.F. has claimed yet another. No details as yet. 

Tommy Hyslop was home for a few days. He has been at sea again since New Year and his experiences keep piling up. Terrific risks at sea are his lot.

 Murray says “There will be quite a few pippers among the crew! When you are asked what you did in the War it will be enough to say like Churchill ‘I marched with the Eighth Army’”  He notes Jas. Jones has the right spirit ‘Nil desperandum’. 

Essie – George Kay‘s wife writes to say that George has landed. He is fit and well and is glad to receive his first letters. 

Gilbert’s dance profits reached now heights – £18/4/2 clear from last one. He’s now becoming a local figure and he’s well in with the high heid yins. Bravo, Gilbert. Marion sent four photos of Jimmy – groups – and he does look well. Is down to 12 stones 10 lbs and full of beans. Jimmy’s own letter says he looks forward to any news and is very glad that the Troop is O.K. and says it does not seem like two years since he was captured. He asks for Eck In particular. “The old enemy will never get me down” is what he says. Peter Williamson is still sailing in the Middle East and writes asking for you all. 

David Gosman has been on a stiff fire course at Catterick but has now returned. He’s been out in his canoe and expects leave shortly. For post-war bathing he suggests a 25,000 gallon dam and a pump at the Cottages. Good idea. 

Dick is very busy – no time to self and finds training very strenuous. He thinks it will be useful in post-war Scouting.He’s been learning to ride a motor-bike and finds walls very hard!! . Says “Tell Jim this training would do him a lot of good and would take some of the fat off him”  Good lad Richard.

Jim likes our new heading but asks for Lion Rampant flying at each ‘Castle’ and ‘Aye ready’ and ‘Gemm for Ocht’ as well. Here what do you expect. Would you like some chippit tottie thrown in too? 

Chortie is now in Argyllshire near Bert Nisbet and is under canvas but is enjoying himself however. Two of them (officers) with only 9 weeks service between them moved a whole section – not bad eh! Listen to this “I went out for a recce the first night and discovered – three sheep, one cottage, three land girls and a large house where I received an invitation to call for a bath or a game of billiards any time. I was also given six eggs & a bunch of daffodils for the mess. So once again Turnbull has got his feet on the mantelpiece. What’s your course Jim? How to overhaul a W.A.A.F.” A new photo of Chortie is coming soon boys.

John Baird keeps touring and boldly claims having seen quite a lot of Southern England. He often thinks of our index cards and how his address never altered for years. Now his experience is the very opposite. Incidentally some of the cards are very interesting, showing all changes of addresses and ranks etc. You’re making up on the others, John.

 Betty, Eck‘s wife sends two photos, one of Eck and one of herself. Eck’s is taken of himself looking into a mirror – contortionist! and Betty’s is taken sitting at a lily pond. Photos are not too clear so want about clearer ones Betty & Eck. They’re still happy after 4 ½ months. 

Our promised howler-

You can always tell a cock’s egg from a hen’s because it is larger.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group