Rover Bulletin No. 21

NUMBER TWENTY-ONE. 28th May, 1943, 

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Dear Lads, 

Fourth Fraternity Forwards Fond Felicitations. 

We had a visit from Jim now through with his recent course and really hot on the technical stuff. He’s now away North to one of Scotland’s loveliest parts with the lowest rainfall of all.

John Baird was also home and so was his mascot. John has got a pup for a pet and wherever John is so is the pup. So much attention did he give to his dog that it is only now, when he is away, we’ve learned that he is now a sergeant. (John you devil what about it, is true? Are you adopting theTommy T. bombshell stuff?.

Another man on leave was David Gosman. of fire-brigade fame. He’s in a good spot and really does anything he pleases – one  of these lads lucky enough to get anything he wants without holding rank or responsibility – really a great life, David !!! You can work it. He’s an enthusiastic follower (& supporter) of our Bulletins and since we learn he has an equally enthusiastic circle of pals who get a, read of it we don’t want to let the cat out the bag.

Yet another who was home was Jack’s cousin – David. He really did well, cut the lawn and did all the usual grind and of his own free will too, which leads us to believe that he can’t be in the army proper. David’s a great lad and is still working with wireless and things – as Jim would say. He stays with a learned old gentleman and reads all his heavy stuff books. The gentleman is a Judge and many of David’s decisions are simply copied and put into practice ???

Isobel Braes has been in a home for something minor. We wish her good luck and a swift recovery for you.

George P. is now out of the full-time Fire Service and on to the reserve.

The Scouts under Duggie’s keen leadership, won the Five-&-side Football Shield 4-1 against the 16th. in the final. The contest was hot and fast and some good teams were forward. The County Flag Competition takes place tomorrow so we’ll see how they get on.

Jack Piper is now transferred to the Royal Marines and likes it very much. He is still far south in rather a remote part and gets camp cinema. & rotten ENSA shows for entertainment but like David G. he has got a canoe and was splashing around when they had a heat wave. He writes “Dave, what kind of canoe is yours? Mine is a single seater canvas one 9ft long & 2ft beam. She doesn’t draw sufficient water to carry a sail so I’m thinking of rigging up an outrigger”

George S. sends his first letter and they’ve nearly killed him in the R.A.F. – travelling, filling up forms, swimming, marching, picquet on only week-end off etc.etc, and as a result sleeping at lectures. He has developed a terrific appetite the food’s good but the plates ower wee. Eating is the pastime. He’s in London in modern service flats among a cosmopolitan lot but expects to be posted to an I.T.W. tomorrow. Best of luck George and thanks.

An airgraph dated 4th May has Just arrived from Murray. Pretty near the time of the last push. Our Bulletin No. 18 says he is very happy among the olive groves but he says “I hope you are not getting the idea that I am thriving on the life and quite content because I ain’t. The Victory Show can’t come too soon for me. I wish Dick all the best. It’s good to hear about all the lads and I follow their activities closely.” He notes our post- war conscientiousness and says the Forces don’t help our motto ‘Service not Self’. There may be a danger that it will injure the movement after the war. His newly formed Rover Crew is going strong. He gets fortnightly reports about it and is very pleased. Remember Murray put his teeth in a mug one night and one of his two pet pups feeling thirsty through the night lapped up all the water and crunched up his two false teeth as well – such a tasty bite – well he has now got two new ones after months of waiting. Ship’s biscuits and bully beef don’t worry him now.

Dick is through the first part of his course The exam wasn’t too bad but ‘battle camp’ shook him to the core Great guns Dick, we are very glad to hear your news. Ten miles in 2 hours, in battle order and rifle – great going, We are glad you are on to more comfortable stuff. Your bicycle purchase – three speed – pedalling and nothing happening reminds us of Jim-THE cyclist. Never mind! He says As a good Scout I obediently smiled and whistled but alas the smile was a bit wintry and the whistle distinctly flat” Pretty good that. 

Salaams to all the boys. Tommy T confirms he is a pilot officer, is not going abroad and enjoys life immensely. Heartiest congratulations – you’re marvellous.

Peter Johnston now in the Persia & Iraq Force known as Piaforce, wrote a good letter asking for all the Rovers and especially for Jim, Ian & Robbie. He described at length his journey out and the marvellous sunrises and sunsets of the far east. (A bit poetical in fact). He has met with outstanding hospitality and altogether is revelling in his experiences.

Tunisia Success.

A Rover was observed rushing into the Star Hotel Aberdour one Sunday morning just after church by the perplexed G.S.M. who was later relived to discover that he was doing a good turn. 

Chortie was getting change for Canteen.

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