Rover Bulletin No. 22

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NUMBER TWENTY TWO     25th June 1943.

Dear Lads,

Hello once again and here goes for this months news. The strength of our editorial staff has suffered a major set back for Jack has been called up. He is now a whole on-time Leading Fireman stationed at Musselburgh. He has been the man behind the production, especially the printing side, and has continued going hard at it from the very start. Just how we will get on now we do not know. We have had several offers of assistance from people outside the Crew and one thing is certain the Bulletin will go”until the last man falls”.

You will be grieved to learn that Mr Dickie at Aberdour was killed some days ago on the railway between Aberdour and Burntisland. He was going to Dundee and was found on the line. Especially after his long protracted illness over his injured leg, his now being back to work, and because we often visited him during his trouble, do we feel this a big shock. Several of usattended Morningside Cemetery and Jim sent a letter to Mrs Dickie on our behalf.

To complete this side of the picture Ian was home on embarkation leave and we now learn that he is on board ship for somewhere overseas. God speed, Ian and haste yo back safely! 

Last Friday we had two colourful figures in Surgeon Lieut. Piper and Pilot Officer Thomson.

Natty uniforms lads and they look well in them. Jackie is doing dental work ashore and Tommy will probably be making Hitler’s dentures shake, for he is with Bomber Command.

On the same evening Jim also arrived (rushed round straight away to meet the lads).  Jim has got another leave and trust him, he is making the most of it. His new spot is very good but we learn that be may change again. Quick change artist.

By the way you may have learned that Cissie Dickie at Aberdour was awarded the M.B.E. on her retirement from service as head of the typing staff in St. Andrews House.

Just after we went to press last month news came through that George Kay is now a Captain. Hearty congratulations George. The Crew commissioned members are certainly not stopping – what say you? We may finish up with a General, Admiral or Air Commodore.

We were going strong on the home front for a spell, and in answer to several enquiries, we have no more births to report..

Surprise –Peter Williamson was seen home here from the Mediterranean for a flash visit.

He’ll be back for a real leave in the near future.

Any chance of you Murray coming home? You won’t be able to say probably, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Murray visited Tunis recently but says there’s no place like home.You can’t even get a cup of tea. or a drink of water.

Johnnie Thomson is somewhere out beside you Murray. We’ve had no direct letters but we believe this to be reliable. He’s In the R.A.F. (Fighters) 

Murray says “Thank goodness the North African campaign is over. HitIer will get his well deserved end, It is written in the sand” Murray was outstanding In the number of Dessert parts he used to play in shows. Bet he never dreamed he’d a play a really real one – You’ll be more than an expert by now. You’ll be nearly a native.

John Baird has replied. – He is a Sergeant, and admits having been on a charge, but with no harmful effects. Very good, John, you’re making your mark in both directions simultaneously. It mightn’t work always. He is another who is moving again. No wonder the civilian finds difficulty in getting shoe leather. Oh yes, he does foot slogging, and short sleeve order exists. He says “Have you folks ever come up against Canadians. Believe me they are the boys to eat your weeks jam ration at one go”. We suggest the old lock and key, John. “Do you need a fountain pen” He says “I can get one at the moment – say 16/- – No rush please! I’m moving too.

P.O.W. Jimmy (Johnston) sends congratulations to George Kay, Chortie and Jack Piper on gaining commissions. He sends a photo of their stage all made from three-ply boxes, – splendid effort. “Note the orchestra pit (Haw, haw!)” he says “It’s wonderful to got notes from all the lads. Thank them all.” Jimmy’s reply letters are restricted and we must of course leave room for his family.

David (Gosman) still continues very merrily with tales of picture visits, fishing episodes and canoe details. He is lucky. They’ve presented me with two stripes (paid by the way). “Tell Ian I just missed being an R.S.M.” he says. You are correct David when you say our last Bulletin (or any) missed out quite a number of the lads and you presume they are the non-writers. We cannot pass on that which we do not receive.

Duggie is still an L.T. 

George (Pringle) says he has now 100 B.F. sheep (B.F. stands for Black Face). We will be very pleased to so you when you call, George.

George Simpson is hard at it packing in the stuff at his I.T.W. with compensations in the form of splendid billets and marvellous surroundings (Shakespearian). Ian is away, George, as you will note. Thanks, your typewriting and composition are a treat to read.

Chortie has again been doing rood turns. Sorting show lights for W.V.S. at Aberdour instead of coming to see us. You’re forgiven! There might be more in it than sorting lights, lads, eh! He has been left in charge of Gun Site again – now “under canvas”. Apart from overworking, he says “I was also at a Red Cross Dance but details of operations are not for publication. (Dally Telegraph and Rover Bulletin, please note)

All the best!!!

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group