Rover Bulletin No. 28

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NUMBER TWENTY EIGHT     3lst December 1943

Dear Lads,

Tonight our never forgotten Friday meeting falls on the last day of the year and Jim is here again. How he does it we do not know. Without doubt he’s an expert at arranging things. So we are a merry band.

Mr. Leask sends his message to you once again and Jim says “To all our Brother Rovers, well-wishers etc.,I wish them all the very best (with plenty SPAM) and Victory in 1944, Jim. (Armourer General, Coastal Command)  Hotcha!

Since we think this might be the last chance for a special New Year Number we’ve used up all the remaining ink in our ink-wells and ‘given you the colour’. Hope you like it and let’s hope it comes true. Our last number was revived very well and thanks go to those who gave us useful remarks about it. 

Also of note we have Captain Band in town here. He’s looking fine and sends this message to you. “The boats are up and ready for next Summer!” and believe us he is as pleased as punch about you all. 

Robbie is now promoted to Leading Fireman and given the special job as officer in Charge of Communications for his Division. Great stuff indeed. (Dave Gos. please note) 

We had a visit from Jack Piper a short time ago and Gilbert (Williamson) called too.

Now George (Simpson) is home and has presented us with a grand portrait of himself. Thank you George, You’re a braw lad.

Jim sent on an air letter from Murray in which he replies to each of the lads who wrote a line to him. Murray Is volunteering to clear up the leaves. His job keeps him going like the housewife at home – never done. Murray had a major thrill when he spoke to Tom (Bogie) on the phone. After over two years even a phone call means so much. 

Bill (McKelvie) has moved again. He and Chortie turned out to be in the same town we noticed and we advised them right away. Unfortunately Bill moved but like Murray and Tom they had a wee phone conversation.  Now this month we notice Dick has moved beside Chortie and we have let them both know, and hope that they can get together. Two Gibraltarites meeting again and over New Year – well! Bill may be home in a fortnights time. There are signs of him getting a move out at last, so he’s toughening himself up for expected changes. The social life is O.K. and he’s looking forward to our Theatre Party – next Christmas. “My seat is booked for the ‘Pies and Pit Stalls’ and we’ll all be in the queue. All the best”. 

Dick (Spaven) landed very near David Gosman last month and again Dick was shifted before they could meet. Dick is now away South. In his now place he reports dances etc., very good and is getting involved in shows etc. 

Chortie (Turnbull) now on mobile training has only lost a few guns and other odds and ends on some of his reccies. Being a Scout, he is at a great advantage and the Brig and he are just like that. What a lad, eh? He expected to get home a short tine ago but they must have kept him in for doing tricks in official time

Stanley (Christie) (a new name to appear in our Bulletin – a Scout advancing) tells us of his arrival at a new RAF Station and that he is looking forward to his further training.

Peter (Williamson) is now teaching now entries to the Navy in a mansion in the country.

David (Gosman) talks of trying to see Dick but Dick is away now David please note. He describes at length his observations in Orkney, “the place where nothing ever happens.” David asks for “News please” of the Cottage regulars (Duggie, Robbie, Jock and Sandy). There are no changes to report and we are all very well thank you. Duggie is the man who keeps things hold together for he mends the tired soles (souls) Haw, haw. 

Joey (Stewart) says he has now four hours flying in.

Murray (Cullen) (another Scout advancing) writes not very far from London. He is getting quite settled down end sends his best wishes.

George (Simpson) has been navvying in sleet and snow end at one time nearly grew webbed feet. Coupled to George’s letter come the news from Jim that he had met George’s sister by accident (and I don’t think) up North. She is in the WAAF and being a new arrival in such an out of the way place he has been helping her to keep her spirits up. What ho, James. 

Eck (Wilson) via his private secretary (wife) sends his regards and thanks Murray for writing. He has been on a two weeks holiday at the Coast. He says “Does Jim remember we should have been in Canada at the Rover Moot in 1943.” 

Johnnie (Thomson) in Italy is still on top. He has had a short leave and enjoyed it well. Many happy returns on tho occasion of your birthday, John. 

We have received a really bumper lot of cards from near and far. You lads have done it well, and it has created a tremendous kick here to see them all side by side. There’s Murray’s and Tom Bogie’s from the land of the Pyramids and Eck (Wilsons’s) from South Africa. One from Jim Suttie from Aden we believe and a glorious one from George (Kay) from the Eighth Army in Italy giving the motto “Together you and I we will see this thing through to the end.” One from Jim and David (Gosman) in the North to Bill and Dick in the South. Peter (Williamson’s), Murray (Cullen’s) and George (Simpson’s) greetings. Portrait and regimental crested ones from Tommy (Thomson) and Joey (Stewart) and Johnnie (Thomson) in Italy and Jack (Piper) in the Marines, and one from “Ye Banks and Braes at Aberdour” and more in the post. How can we thank you all?

May our Bulletin not belittle any of your enthusiasm and sacrifices and God Speed you back to Loves Abode in 1944 .

Heartiest greetings to all our Rovers and Scouts now in H.M. Forces, with a special message of sympathy and good cheer to Jimmy Johnston, Jim Reilly and Victor Stott.


© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group