Rover Bulletin No. 29

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NUMBER TWENTY NINE   28th. January 1944.

 Dear Lads,

Although our collection of letters this month is smaller, never the less our material is not lacking for we have several pieces of really stirring news to give you, and none of them came to us by letter. At Jack’s on New Years Day Jim electrified the air with “Ladies and Gentlemen I have an important announcement to make. We have a hero in our midst. Tommy (Thomson) here has been awarded the D.F.C. The circumstances of the action are not available to us. You will notice that Tommy has received further promotion, He is now a Flight Lieutenant!” We spontaneously sung “For he’s a jolly good fellow.  Several coaxings afterwards could yield no further light on the circumstances, Tommy is still the same Tommy Thomson and he enjoyed  the party very well and that’s about as near as we can recall the situation.

The award of course is terrific and apart from the crude sketch which we give you with an extract from the official orders governing it, Tommy just says ” It’s just a matter of circumstances” meaning, we suppose, that the decoration would have fallen to anyone who had happened to be there at that time. This coupled with all the gigantic tasks and problems which surround him and his particular job now and after leaves us speechless with admiration, as he himself was speechless when Jim made the announcement. We are not forgetting others who may be in pretty tight corners on other fronts when this reaches them. Now, before the flood of congratulations takes time to come pouring through, we on your behalf give Tommy your warmest of handshakes and best wishes for his safety and prosperity. Tommy has given us a very good portrait of himself – really good.

Hold your horses – another award. Murray has received the Africa Star. Unfortunately no medal has been struck and we cannot give you a sketch. The award is made for active service in the full African Campaign – no small feat – and we raise our hats to you Murray, You are another of our medalists. He says “I’m doing not so bad with my Basothos” We’ve also received through Mr. Leask a dandy portrait of Murray. He has now met Tom Bogie in Egypt, Tom seems to have rather good hotel quarters where he is. 

Joyous news has now come through that Jimmy Reilly is safe. His people have received a post card from him headed “Imperial Japanese Army. I am in good health, I am working for pay. Look after your selves and don’t worry.” He is in a P.O.W. Camp in Thailand. After two years this is welcome news. We can only hope we can get in touch with him soon.

During Jim’s New Year visit we received donations from Captain Band, Mr. Leask, Jim, Robbie, Jack, Sandy, John (B), Tommy (T) and Chortie amounting to 42/6 which will keep this Bulletin going for another six months, Thank you all very much indeed.

Jim met Colin McArthur (of Rover Revue fame) (now RAF) when coming home. He asks for you all. Captain Band has had a longer stay here than intended for apart from Mrs Band not being so well he has met with a street accident (lorry skidding on to the pavement) and has suffered from bruises and shock.

Tom Mariot Moore sends his greetings.

George Simpson is now away overseas heading possibly towards Eck or Ian for he asks for their addresses. You’re off now George So best of luck. We’ll certainly see that your Bulletin is forwarded.

Chortie (Turnbull) was here, so they’ve let him out at last. To Dick he wants to say “Lost one Richard B. Spaven last seen taking the pip somewhere in the North, address unknown, If he will communicate with one Chortie, he will got a letter in reply that will take the smile off his face.” What’s up you fellas? Did you never meet? Chortie has moved again. Well for ever more! Addresses sent again. He says “How are all the gang those days – any more ‘starters – martyrs – departers (or hatches, matches, despatches) or are they not having the choir picnic any longer.” He’s still enthusiastic on shows.

Ian (Furnival) has added home comforts to his room but would prefer real home, naturally. Heat!! Thermometers can’t be made long enough, S’right! He’s had a weekend break among most marvellous scenery – Jungle villages- cocoanut, orange and banana trees lined the road and attractive native belles also, marvellous hospitality. He says “Good luck to James Jones who is an example to us all. A new Year full of hope and promise to you all.” Thank you Ian and good luck to you.

Joey (Stewart) was here full of beans and so was David (Gos) who will probably turn out to be in the Intelligence Corps next time we hear from him.

Bill (McKelvie) also called to say “How de!” to you all.

Jimmy (Johnston) father is not so well. He took two shocks but now is gradually recovering.

STOP PRESS: Duggie goes up for his medical on Monday first.

Cheerio – and all the best!

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group