Rovers’ Bulletin No. 32

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 NUMBER THIRTY TWO   28th. April 1944.

Dear Lads,

Once again the Cottage garden has come to life and after some intensive clearing up, cutting etc., by our head gardener (Mr. Frier) with some assistance, the home picture is really very refreshing, as trim as ever you’ve seen it. After clearing away the Winters cobwebs and the steam of many chip suppers from the windows we can now see clearly once more .

The Scouts are about to enter for the annual Five-a-Side Football, Tug-o-War, etc., So Spring has sprung!!! Duggie is still going strong. Mr Leask attends here regularly, giving the first part of his evening to the Scouts and the rest to us. Although we haven’t mentioned about him (that’s entirely our fault) he is more than over interested in each of you. Remember he is the only one amongst us who has gone through it just as you lads are now, and although we’ve never had him write you a few chatty lines in this Bulletin now and again, we wish he would. Some of you ask him and see what happens.

Last month we said that Hal (Stewart) may stay here for some time. That was wrong. He is on his usual trips and conversely is cut off from getting home. Hard luck Hal. All the rest are in the same boat though, so, thumbs up for you all.

Jim (Frier) has been here for another leave and as usual stirred things up a bit. He contacted the Dickies, Weirs, Mattie (Ians wife), Essie (George’s wife) Dorothy (Bill’s wife) and Mr. Johnston (Jimmy’s father) and reports good progress from all. Italy is tough for George (Kay).  Look out all you married yins. Jim’s motto, you remember, was “Always keep in with the mothers” He now keeps abreast of things by practising “Always keep in with the wives” What a lad. Also from Jim’s special consignment of news we learn that Jackie Melrose is progressing – very slowly. Dr. Johnstone last minister at Aberdour has passed away. Mr Whitelaw, next door to here is very ill. 

By all that’s wonderful Andy (Hepburn) called to ask for you all. It’s marvellous what the Spring brings out. We are very grateful indeed for donations of 5/- each from Mrs Stewart, (Jacks mother) Mrs Weir, Ena & Barbara Weir. David & Chris (Wright) at North Berwick to keep your Bulletins going.

We learn that Joey (Stewart) was home all sparkling, on a short leave, Great stuff Joey! 

When Jim was home we had an augmented company with Mr Hazel, Dick Tolfer (Now Vic organist) and Jimmy Balcarres ( pal of Jim’s): a grand evening. David (Gosman) paid a flying visit also, He is going through training fast, and liking it. John (Baird) was also home very much up and at it.

Rowan (Finlay) is now here, as large as ever, and lads you’ll be glad to learn is already a regular attender on Fridays and keenly interested in all your tales. He’s pretty hefty (he says he got it on the ship coming here) and is still his own pleasant self, enjoying a very welcome break after five years of hard labour,

Word is now here of Tommy Thomson’s full address. He is in Oflag 4 so we’ll get cracking.

Murray (Frier) is delighted over Tommys safety, and about Dick says “Thus another says so Long to the Green Button Club – of course I’d better not say too much myself on that subject” Oh, ho, Murray? He still sees Tom (Bogie), is in better billets now and can got out every night if he pleases. Good Mus! He received a letter from Ian

Ian (Furnival) says time is passing very quickly with him and they’re gasping for rain to cool things and also fill their bathing pool. He works too, as hard as you, Jim, says he. Chit for chat, he has received a letter from Murray. That’s grand. Ian sends good luck to George (Simpson) and says “In the event of him reaching this part of the world I needn’t say what kind of a welcome he would receive. Here’s hoping.” George is out beside Eck, Ian. To Dick, Ian says “Is she nice, Dick? What a question to ask a Spaven. I bet she is, Congrats and best wishes to you both. As a wangler in chief. I was tickled to read that Jim had met George’s sister by accident. Already doing his good turn too. What about it Jim?” A swell new mess for twenty, mosquito proof and staffed by African stewards who will also tend tho lawn and floral decorations, is being built.

Ian (Moffat) is now away South and has gained 1stone 2lbs, standing at 12st. 2lbs. – nice going. 

George (Simpson) after three weeks says he’s thriving on all the good things. He’s been doing several visits to spots round about already. A Toc H Hospitality Scheme has a Lady in charge who belongs to Inverleith Place, and he had a long chat and put on to good things. They were driven in a huge Buick to a beautiful white house in the suburbs – large garden, tennis court, swimming pool etc., and were waited on by native servants. Thank you George and. thanks to those very generous people.

Dick (Spaven) says “Great news chaps! The two Gibraltarians have met at last. Chorty was in the Battery we relived complete with dirty smudge across, (moustache) Another addition! Have a heart lads. “We had quite a spot of gossip and then a touching farewell: I have acquired the doubtfully honourable title of Entertainments Officer but whatever I may have done for the troops l have certainly kept the mess well entertained as I have had in rapid succession six boils on a place that no gentleman talks about, and my endeavours to partake of meals in comfort have brought forth many a ribald laugh from those who call themselves my friends” Superb journalism and great guns, Dick. Thank you.

Cheerio Lads, and “Here’s to the next time”

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group