Rover Bulletin No.15

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Number Fifteen      27th November 1942

Here we are at the end of November and just one more month till the end of the year, so for Christmas we send you all our Hearty Good Cheer!!!

The flow of news from all you comics is certainly not dying and the contacts maintained are very encouraging – So is the War news and for this bleak time of the year it’s really great stuff. We had a very special visit from – guess who – Captain Band. He called at Loves Abode specially to hear of you all and his enthusiasm is inspiring. Like all good things his visit was all too short. We now have a fully qualified dentist in the Crew. Jack Piper has just passed with flying colours – so good luck Jackie – well done – you honour us, we’re sure. He is now acting as a locum in Dundee.

The Scouts believe it or not, are 40 strong and continue enthusiastically under Duggie; and the Cubs under Ali MacKellar. The ‘photo mentioned to go with this Bulletin has turned out hopeless and we’re sorry to say can’t be sent (technical hitch). Jim is home now and is rather contrasting our lack of endeavours to run a show for the B.P. fund or some other cause as against the Scouts gradual money making.

JIM. Now home here for 9 days and as full o’ beans as ever. He certainly covers the ground with his visiting and keeps up his usual ‘beat the band’ humour. Ho expects to be home again at New Year so that will be grand..

MURRAY His Airgraphs continue to arrive regularly.- keeping very fit but thinks there must be a lot of water in his blood now – feels chilled in mornings and can’t see himself going for a midnight dook at Aberdour when it’s all over, Very sorry you have not been receiving Bulletins for a while.They’re all away regularly so you’ll get them in & bunch likely. All the news is coming to you, nae fear, sodjer bhoy. Thanks for your Christmas Card. He says “Aw the best to you all where ever you may be. A good time is coming. Look out for 1943 – Muz – The Desert Rat”

DAVID C. As stated in the last Bulletin he is now in the R.E.M.E.s and recently has been moved to another address nearby. We have had no letter from him so presume he is too busy to write to us.

IAN Have not had any news directly or indirectly of him since last Bulletin. What about it Ian.

JAMES JONES. Have had quite al lot of word from him from various sources and several photos.He is still keeping his pecker up and enjoying himself under the circumstances.

George K Still no news from any source.

BILL. He is now a proud father. A daughter was born on tho actual day of publication of our last Bulletin. It is a pity we had not heard of it then and given hot news instead of news a month old. (Please make better arrangements next time, Bill) We have received a very breezy letter from the latest “family man” and he invites invitations for “dates” in 1960. He will be home in December so send in your applications you fathers of sons.

JIMMY REILLY. We have had no further news as to his present position.

DICK Have had cheery letter from him and he hopes to be home soon. He has been passed for O.C.T.U.(Best of luck Dick) He sends his congratulations to Eck and Betty and looks forward to the numbers in the Wolf Cubs being increased.

ALBERT Has been seen by Andy but by no one else.

HAL Still no news from him but we hear that he is due home shortly so we hope he will give us sone items of interest.

JOHNNIE T Still no news of him.

Tommy  T. Still no news of him. What about your promise of 6 – 7 weeks ago to write to us occasionally

CHORTY Visited us during the month so he passed his stage O.K. Good lad!

ECK Betty has now kindly written to us and says she is just longing to meet us. Eck often speaks of us. They’re deeply in LUV “He is my world” says Betty. Airgraph just received from Eck himself – bets his marriage shook some of the Green Button Club “However she will be a worthy member of the old 4th” “Wee Eck is the same wee Eck” “I still enjoy my chips, more so, as I make them myself in my flat”

Thanks for your Christmas Card Eck. You certainly have caused a stir here, and we think you’re a lucky fellow.

DAVID GOSMAN. Still up North in Army Fire Service – excellent grub but otherwise about as comfortable as a fly on flypaper. His duties will be protecting Army property – possibly moving with a regiment. You ask about those at home here David. No change has taken place. It will be mentioned in our first paragraph when it happens.

Although it is a few weeks till Christmas to some of you lads overseas this will possibly reach you nearest Christmas and to all our friends and followers we quote from Murrays Christmas Card from Egypt “We wish you health, perfect peace with joy and wealth this Christmas and the coming Year.”

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group