Rover Bulletin No. 24

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 We’ve now arrived at our Twenty fourth issue and we’re still making improvements (we hope).  What like will this midget paper be in issue number 36? –  one year from now – and what stories will have been told by it by then? Will the wind bring tales of momentous events and swirl you back safely to a new and vigorous life? Yes! The wind is with us now lads and we’ll be scudding along for a win by then. You remember Jim said this would be our last year of course. Well, we hardly think so, but it would be interesting to know what you say.

This month sees the completion of all summer holidays for those of us at home except Jack. He’s angling for some leave. The weather has been mixed and there’s really nothing to say except that we’ve had our welcome break. Some blighter has pinched seven rose bushes from the garden.


GEORGE (SIMPSON) seems to have done well although he doesn’t say as much and we think there will be some news to send next month. He may have to go abroad for training soon.

TOMMY (THOMSON) too may well in the news shortly (promotion). He says he drops a big beautiful bomb from the 4th Rovers each time he visits the continent.

CHORTY will also have good news for us, roll on next month! 

JOHN (BAIRD) says he had 21 days leave in 28 and the pending incident has been cancelled. He says it’s very hot and he’s getting lazy. Settling down by the fire (after the war) will be his idea of comfort.

MURRAY is having it very hot, 118°F in shade end he looks forward to tho cool nights but those mosquitos are still a pest. He sends congratulations to INA (BRAES) for her “Brownie”. He confirms he is now a sergeant and is still a “base stores wallah”. He misses the excitement of the 8th Army. Will Fyffe and Josephine Baker were at a show he saw. During six months Murray was – not far from Alexandria before Alamein battle (4 months). When the push started he was right there all the time Mersa Matruh, Sidi Barrani, Sollum, Tobruk, Dorns. Benghazi, Tripoli, Gabos, Sfax, Sousso and Tunis. He sends salaams to all the lads!

JOEY STEWART is now in the R.AF. getting the usual invitations and inoculations etc. He is in luxury flats at the moment but expects to be posted soon.

JIMMY (JOHNSTON), faithfully sends his regular monthly letter, this time enclosing a photo of a stage show hit in his P.O.W. Camp, billed as “Jimmy Jummy and His Dancing Jumbos”. They look very good with their fine orchestra and stage and now further decked with the words “The Little Theatre” above – touch of Edinburgh, what? He sends his congratulations to the Scouts and to Dick and Tommy. Good old Jimmock! 

JIM’s off again away back up North. Blimey! He’s passed on a copy of the 60th Tripoli (Murray’s crew) Rover Bulletin and it states its aim is to keep the Spirit of Rovering alive, and to pave the way for activities later. It is almost wholly composed of contributed items of popular interest (not news like ours). Among those you ask for Jim, we have no more news from Ian, Eck, George Kay or Albert. Jim says there’s a real Gosman touch about the 5/- turned into £5 sheepskin carpets, Quite a good hobby for wet days. What about a few tips David? He pictures him arriving at the Cottage in his “Jeep” bartered from the Yanks for Skins. “I think Davie should have been an Antique Dealer. How’s Chorty getting on with his money raising scheme? Perhaps we could all help with the idea. As for Dick, I see the Army is doing him good when it is, teaching him to mend bikes etc. Keep going Dick and you can start up in opposition to Fulton.” There’s no more news of Jimmy Reilly yet. Jim felt like walking all the way home to get a kick at the Guy who pinched our roses. Who did it we don’t know. Our head gardener is almost demented. He is getting along A.1. and is carrying on where we left off – in other words he’s well “organised”. 

JOHN THOMSON (from M.E.F.) wrote Ali Mac saying he gets plenty of swimming and sun bathing but we presume he does work too (Fighter Pilot) but can’t say anything about that. Jolly Good Luck John!

TOM BOGIE is now on a job similar to his Civvy job – Sanitary Inspector – at a Naval Health Office. His 6-hour day seems not bad. On the day of his arrival he received a draft chit for -? (In tho Navy H.M.S. stands for “He Mustn’t Say!!) where he will be posted on completion of a month’s training in Admiralty and Fleet orders. Most of the lads are Dentists, Chemists Bankers, etc. and a decent crowd.

There goes for our number twenty-four and, of course, we’re hoping that JIM is right with his prediction.


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