Rovers’ Bulletin No. 33

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NUMBER THIRTY THREE    26th May 1944

Dear Lads,

May has been a very quiet month here for visits from anyone on leave. David Gosman was the only caller and now he is going overseas. He is now right inside the Intelligence Corps and has won two stripes. He’s full of pep end looking forward to all that lies ahead.

We learn that our other David (Clark) has come up from the South to a place not very far away. 

The Scouts won the Senior Five-a-sides Football beating the 1st in the final. There will be no competition for the Tug-o’-war or Relay so they’ll hold on to them still. Not bad at all. The Troop also had the honour of heading a County Parade because it holds the District Shield. 

Duggie is keen but he’s been called up and has volunteered for the mines in the hope that once he’s trained he may be posted somewhere near and so be able to keep the Troop going and retain other contacts. It’s all in the lap of the gods now. The calling authorities have been on Sandy’s track too but so far no change is foreseen. 

Robbie is now away on an outside contract and we won’t see him for a while. 

Rowan (Finlay) is away back to the Sudan already. It seems like 5 minutes leave after 5 years away. All the very best Rowan. 

Someone saw Bill (McKelvie) early on in the month and he gives you all a wave. 

Mr Mackie (Stanley’s father) and Murray each gave us 10/- to add to our Bulletin fund and we also received a donation from Mrs Wilson (Eck’s Mother). Thanks to all of you. 

Stanley (Mackie) was in hospital some time ago but he is now O.K. again. He’s still in the M.E.F. 

We notice that Mr Ninian Wright (brother of St. Serf’s minister) and Padre with Murray’s lot has been awarded the M.B.E. 

Jimmy (Johnston) says, “I often show Jerry the 4th spirit and he doesn’t like it.- Tattie peelins to you all.” Jimmy you’re swell, absolutely grand! 

In a welcome letter from Hal (Stewart) remarking on Tommy Thomson, he says, “We as a crew have had a great deal of good luck. I pray to God that I will be spared to have a pudding supper with all the other Rovers when this business is a thing of the past. Mr Leask has seen two generations go off to war, and gone with them too, and I hope he sees the third generation in a Jamboree with the Scouts of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland etc. Peculiar – Germany overthrew Scouts – was the one to start war.” He continues, ” Heard a good joke the other day, ‘A lady had come back from Lourdes and was passing through tho customs. The customs officer asked if she had seen any miracles. She said that she had seen a cripple walk etc. So the customs officer said Glory be to God a miracle. The lady then produced a bottle and said that it was Holy water from Lourdes. The officer smelt it and said ‘This is gin’ The lady replied ‘Glory be to God another miracle!” Thank you Hal, we’ll use your odd odes if we have space sometime. He adds “Safe journeys to you all” We say Safer ones to yourself”.

Jackie Melrose is now able to read headings of newspapers and is much more cheery. We are relieved and wish him a speedy recovery.

 Peter (Williamson) announces with great pleasure, “My wife Doris is going to have a baby but at present I am in the same position as you are with Albert as I do not know which sex it is going to be but I hope we even the score in the chart” Best of luck to Doris, Peter. 

Joey (Stewart) is away overseas. Thanks for useful card and our thoughts are with you. 

Ian (Moffat) writes very buoyantly about football, spud-bashing, training etc. That’s the spirit, Ian. You’re taking it grand. 

Chortie (Turnbull) has landed near to his sister Maisie, so you know it’s great boys. He sends a comical letter as usual with a good idea for a show (filed for later) He says “i had an argument with my motorbike and I lost. Had 3 X-ray photos at hospital – no damage -cure was 2 days rest (nae bother) Aw the best.” 

George (Simpson) arrived only 20 minutes walk from Eck but is now transferred to further away He came out 2nd. in his course and proceeds immediately to fly. Says “Oh boy, I can hardly wait for it.” Pity you missed Eck he’s still there you know.

Eck (Wilson) (via Betty his wife) says “Our thoughts are always with you all and until the happy reunion -Tattie Peelans” 

Murray (Frier) has now moved. He has received a hand injury and is in hospital. He sees no sand now but very welcome green grass. He says, “Is it too much to hope for a grand. Victory Show in ’45. May all the luck follow the Brown & White in the months to come. They never fail. Cheerio fellas. Tell Mr Duncan the ‘Tobruk Warrior’ sends his congratulations.” 

Ian (Furnival) says, apart from all his wonderful descriptions that he’d much rather be at home. He’s been playing the vicar, close-harmoniser and, believe it or not, pianist at one of their shows. Great stuff, Ian. 

John (Baird) writes with an A.P.O. address and things are going well with two week-ends off in three. Good luck, John. 

Jim (Frier) wishes to thank all those who gave us donations and was mighty pleased to find on his last leave the same enthusiasm. “The democratic Fourth with a vengeance -long may the spirit continue” he says, & about Mr Duncan “we would have added the V.C. along with the Medal of Merit.” You ask for Mr Johnston, – he’s kind of up and down. After two moves Jim is now only 3 hours from here so that’t a bit better. Who knows what he’ll be able to wangle now, keeping the grass cut and the Cottage dusted. Great sport Jim. Catch us if you can.

Cheerio and all the very best to everybody

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group