Rover Bulletin No.16

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4th Leith Rovers’ Bulletin

Number 16        Christmas Day 1942

We have now arrived at our second Christmas Bulletin and this year the production night actually lands on Christmas Day and so on this day of days we wish every one of you even better luck than has followed the Crew so far in this war. 

The worst that has befallen us is the fact that Jimmy Johnston and Jimmy Reilly are prisoners, while on the other hand the majority have been in this country for long periods of their service, although in the last month or two there has been a tendency for a movement overseas.

We have received very welcome greetings cards from umpteen of you and also from some of the friends of the Crew. We thank you one and all for these evidences of your enthusiasm in maintaining contact with everyone through those of us who are left at “Love’s Abode” 

This year we wanted to show our independence of bought greetings cards so we have made a special design for the occasion and it comes to you with a special contribution from Mr. Leask.

As we mentioned in last months Bulletin the league was altered by the addition of a daughter to Bill and this month there are two more additions.The first was a daughter (Gwyneth Joan) for Hal on the 3rd December, and another daughter for Eddie on tho 23rd. Great Joy to Betty and Helen. The league now stands seven daughters and six sons.

To those who know Bert Alves we learned that his brother was killed in an accident in India. 

Welcome calls were made by Bill and Gilbert. 

Another possible departure is Jack. He had his Medical a few days ago and is now waiting to be called to some service- possibly N.F.S.

Jack Piper has also had his medical very recently and expects to leave for the Navy within a month.

DAVID CLARK. Is boing shifted around a lot but thinks ho is settled for a week or two. Is working fairly hard but manages to wangle time off occasionally. 

JIM. Definitely coming up for New Year, Joyous Bells.

MURRAY Your second Xmas card has arrived in time for Xmas. Thanks, Muz.

IAN. Still in South Wales. Thanks for card.

GEO. K. Was home for 14 days leave recently but did not think fit to visit us or to communicate with us in any way. What’s wrong George? Other people who are officers still visit us.

BILL. Visited us during the month and is still in the South of England. 

DICK He has not yet come home for his O.C.T.U. but we are still looking forward to his visit.

HAL, He has certainly given us news which we hoped for in the last bulletin. He has had some adventurous trips and very nearly visited Davy Jones on one trip. Arrived back with only 10 minutes petrol left.

TOMMY T. Just a card from him and a note on it that he’s still alive. Glad that you have raised enough energy to write 4 words and address an envelope. 

CHORTIE. Still in Wales. Little news but sends best wishes to all. Saw very good E.N.S.A. show and got some ideas from it.

GILBERT, Had visit during month and is still west of London.

DAVID G. Is now stationed in the Orkneys and thinks, like most of those who go there, that it is lost spot. He thinks that the Brownies are doing better than the Cubs but it was only on the 23rd that they forged ahead and the score is now 7 to 6. Hopes that those at home are spared and the production of the Bulletin not interrupted. 

PETER Williamson, Is still in the Mediterranean and at the time of his last letter was having a quiet time. He had received up to the July Bulletin and enjoys them very much. (please note that we do not usually sip beer in the Cottage – orange crush yes) 

TOM. Hopes that we will keep the ‘Skull & Crossbones’ flying and wishes to be reminded to everyone.

JOHN B Sends a very nice calendar which reminded him of two cottages he knows, So do we know them. 

Capt. BAND. Received welcome letter thanking us for the most enjoyable evening spent at the Cottage. Has great hopes of the Victory Show being held next year and he will come through to Edinburgh and not bother about getting home early.

Apparently no one has noticed a request we made last February when we asked for information about the dates of your joining up, your promotions etc. We are still hoping.

We are looking for new columns with bright ideas and your suggestions will be gratefully received. How would you like  a “If your dog has fleas” write to Uncle John” column, or a “Kiddies Kolum” or “Fishing Advice How to hook ‘em” for the advice of the single members. 

Any complaints, or to then wot take umbrage – our lawyers are 

Blomblefludge, Snagglethwaite( Berty), Togbury and Plop

2 Gasworks Cottages, 

Hogswasche in the Wold.

© 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group